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Cabbage Dish

Are you on diet? Perhaps you need something that are low in calories but packed with nutrients? Have you ever heard of cabbage? A leafy green, red, or white vegetable that can be cook and eaten in different ways. Whether you like it or not, you can’t deny that cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. We welcome you to Cabbage Garden, where interesting benefits, facts, cook recipes of this vegetable can be found!

Knowing the history!

Did you know that cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables known? According to historians, civilizations from Southern Europe, England, and Den-mark was believed to be the first to cultivate cabbage 4,000 years ago. It was later introduced to America in 1541 by a French explorer, Jacques Cartier, who planted it in Canada on his third voyage.

Interesting Benefits!

Cabbage is a very interesting vegetable. It has a lot of benefits that you probably not heard of. Cabbage is not only packed with nutrients like Protein, Vitamin C and Calcium, it can also help you lower the risk of getting cancer. Researchers have been able to source that sulfur- containing compound that give vegetable their bitter taste is what give them their cancer prevention power. With a mere 33 calories per cup, the fiber and water content of cabbage can also prevent you from constipation and it can help maintain healthy digestive system.

How to cook interesting cabbage dish?

White Cabbage
White Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Green Cabbage

One of the reasons why cabbage is a very interesting vegetable is because of how you can almost mix it with everything. Are you trying to be minimalist and don’t want to spend so much money from cooking food? Well lucky for you, frying cabbage with bacon, onion and garlic results in a savory dish that has a scent of sweetness from caramelized onions and garlic. You can enjoy this dish without spending so much money and efforts.

Probably the most common and famous way to cook Cabbage is making a soup with a mix of tomato, carrots, onions, and spices. Different cultures adapted this dish and made their own version of it. Despite the variety of cabbage soup, you can cook, all of them have one thing in common and that is the benefits of consuming it.